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Designer Outlet Swindon


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In 1997 Rawls conceived and developed the Swindon Designer Outlet, and since have had an ongoing relationship with the centre, returning to create bold refurbishments, including new premium areas that allow for greater retail presence.

We were commissioned to create dramatic changes in the important listed building. Polished bronze floor inserts, feature lighting and stripped back pressed metal cladding compliment the heroes of the space, the Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed cast iron columns. Their full height treated with a liquid metal bronze paint, bringing a sense of warmth and drama to the space with a powerful depth of colour.

A range of hotel lobby style soft seating provides a welcoming and generous pause point where new walk-on-glass inserts allow views through to the impressive column bases.


Having designed the original retail development, Rawls have continued to update and refresh the guest experience.



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