Out of the BLUE

Went to look for one of our favourite sculptures at the Eden Project, the Seed pod, and out of the blue we came across the impressively large interactive sculpture, Infinity Blue.

At over eight metres tall, Infinity Blue is one of the world’s largest ceramic sculptures. In an elegant and gentle choreographed performance, misty vapour rings are puffed out (much to the amusement of the children).

Infinity Blue is the newest addition to the permanent ‘Invisible Worlds’ exhibition which looks at the world beyond our senses.

This huge ceramic ‘breathing’ sculpture pays homage to one of the world’s smallest but most important organisms: the cyanobacteria. Three billion years ago the cyanobacteria started to produce oxygen – which changed the face of the Earth forever. Today they, and their distant descendants found in plants and phytoplankton, provide the oxygen in every breath we take.

Artist duo Studio Swine wanted to build a monument to these vital but invisible unsung heroes, a tribute to these unseen organisms that play such an important job in our survival.

It’s not only a wonderful piece of art; but a reminder of how delicate our existence is and the wonders of the things we unknowingly rely on.