Sketching Architecture

The ability to sketch efficiently is one of the most important skills to have as a designer. With practice a sketch allows you to convey your ideas over to team members and clients in a quick and beautiful way. However, it is perhaps becoming overshadowed because of the digital age and the ever increasing need for 3D visualisations and animations. Sketching is now, more than ever, a precious skill that should be kept and nurtured.

Having a pen and sketch pad spare with you anywhere is a fantastic way to increase your sketching skills. You never know when you may feel inspired; taking a photo is fleeting and often requires little thought but sketching makes you stop and look at the little details of what turns a building into a great piece of inspiring architecture.

In the office this week we have been particularly inspired by ‘Tend to Travel’ a fantastic social media account showcasing an architects sketchbook as he travels around the world. The freehand sketches are beautiful and completely impulsive and shows how you can document your travel and everyday experiences in a completely different and expressive way. He sums his blog up perfectly by simply saying “The Travelling Architect – Sharing travel experiences through an architect’s perspective.”

After looking at Tend to Travel we are now incredibly inspired to go out ourselves and sketch more, to increase our skills and to appreciate architecture on a completely different level.

For more pictures of his sketches please visit the link below.

Photography and Sketches by Tend to Travel

Written by Robert Jones